dinsdag 15 april 2014

A Virtual Baby Shower!

One of the things I love most about the internet is the fact that you get to 'meet' people from all over the world sitting behind your computer.

Over the last few years I have had the opportunity to 'meet' a lot of fellow cookie decorators and even though I never had the chance to meet one of them in person, I really feel like I am part of a very special 'Cookie Community'.

I was surprised and honoured when I was invited to my very first 'Virtual baby Shower' for Sugarbelle and Lila Loa a while ago by Michelle (Make Me Cake Me), Mike (Semi Sweet) and Haniela (Haniela's).

The theme of this shower is 'Her Royal Highness' and even though I really tried coming up with something fit for a Princess (or actually two Princesses...) I somehow ended up with a family of Gingerbread Cookie Bakers.
This always happens when I don't have a plan...

Just to show you what a little make-up can do, here's how they looked before their make-over...

Luckily there where 14 other very talented guests invited to this party and they came up with some really amazing Royal Cookies.

1. Sweet Ambs
2. Jill FCS
3. The Decorated Cookie
4. Klickitat Street
5. Semi Sweet
6. Simply Sweets by Honey Bee
7. Make Me Cake Me
8. Haniela's
9. Montreal Confections
10. The Partiologist
11. Munchkin Munchies
12. The Cookie Puzzle
13. De-Koekenbakkers
14. Chapix Cookies
15.Ali Bee's Bakeshop

Thank you Michelle, Mike and Haniela for inviting me and congratulations to Callye, Georganne and their families with the birth of their baby girls!!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Your work is phenomenal! I am in awe!!
    Please can you make a tutorial on these. I cannot stop staring at your gorgeous cookies!

  2. I just saw this after many years and am reminded of how much your friendship means to me. You are beautiful inside and out, Marielle, and I hope to meed you one day! xoxo