woensdag 15 mei 2013

Cookies are a girl's best friend!

Before I start sharing cookie decorating tutorials I first want to finish a blog post about Royal Icing but since English is not my native language (as you probably noticed) it's taking me a little longer than expected...

In the mean time I'll share a short tutorial from my cookie book. 

I love baking cookies with my kids and am always looking 
for new ideas to let them have some fun playing with their food.
 When my daughter Rosalie turned four last year, this is what we did on her birthday party.

Maybe a fun idea to spend an afternoon baking cookies with your kids or grandkids this weekend?  

Making a cookie necklace with coloured dough beads

*Colour the dough by kneading in some food colouring.
I used 100% natural food colouring from Vrouwtje Deeg.

(You can find the recipe I used for these cookies HERE)

*Roll the dough extra thick (1 cm = 0,4 inch) and cut out lots of different shapes of cookie-beads using mini cutters and make a hole in every cookie with a straw. For the medaillions you could roll the dough a little thinner (5 mm. = 0,2 inch) and cut some bigger shapes like hearts or flowers.

*Bake the cookie-beads just like normal cookies 
only a little shorter (because they are so small).

*Use a ribbon or candy lace to make a necklace with the cookie-beads. You could also add extra candy beads.

Making a cookie necklace is a really fun thing to do on a kids birthday party and it also makes for a great birthday treat or gift for little girls.

** Rosalie happy! **

Cookie Jewelry

Just for fun & inspiration here are some cookies I made a while ago. These are more 'grown-up' versions of cookie jewelry that involve royal icing and a lots of edible glitters so I will talk about these some other time.

Have a wonderful weekend!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. All the cookies are fabulous! I need to make some of these darling cookie bead necklaces for my granddaughters! LOVE!

  2. How fun! My daughter is 5, and she would love some cookie jewelry! Thanks for the inspiration!

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